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A special newsletter to announce three things:

A brand new article on Juan Tamariz to celebrate his birthday today: Juan of a kind!

You can now purchase my four and a half hour Penguin LIVE Lecture at a special price!

Soon, I will be removing the variable pricing on my products. I had intended the three prices as a way of offering "friendly" pricing. As it turns out, the variable pricing confused people more often than not! So, if you are interested in buying any of my products at the lower price, please do so this week, before the price goes up.

And a reminder:

You can book a private online lesson here. On that page, you can watch a short video that Juan made with me, as well as a demonstration of my camera setup. To take a lesson, all that is necessary is an internet connection, and video software, such as FaceTime or Skype. Have a look at the page, watch the videos and let me know what you think!


Jim Krenz