Mnemonicasa has been released!

Hello all,

Thanks for your patience as I created a new release on the Magic Nexus!
The eleven page .PDF file has accompanying photos along with my thoughts, experiences and advice on using Juan Tamariz’ Mnemonica. Also included is my original cheatsheet in a separate .PDF, suitable for duplex printing.

No effects—just my techniques and ideas honed over two decades of use.
Although a few parts are specific to Mnemonica, most of the ideas can be applied to any memorized deck.

If you aren’t familiar with memorized decks, then become familiar with one (I highly recommend Juan’s book titled, Mnemonica, published by Hermetic Press) before studying my treatise.

I am making the instructions available at variable prices, in order to suit most budgets. Regardless of the price you choose, you will get the full instructions and have access to support in the private Magic Nexus forums.

Get it now at:


Jim Krenz