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New: The Twin Detectives is a simple, self-working detectives plot, wherein two odd-backed “detectives” find the culprit in a deck of cards

The clock is ticking deal: It is available now at $3.50 for the next ten hours or so. At around noon PT, the price will go up to $6.50. Late Monday night, it will go up to $9.50 and on Tuesday morning, it will change to the normal price of $12.50. So act fast if you want to save money on this limited time deal!
Miracles Made Easy: My Victorious Triumph DVD! Learn my Victorious Triumph, my Cards Across and my brand new Victorious Assembly on one DVD.The DVD includes the gimmicks that will allow you to effortlessly perform my creations.

A diabolically clever method. This Triumph will fool anyone. I love it. —Bill Malone

I still have a few Super Strong Super Simple DVDs available. If you are interested, get your copy soon! Watch the Super Strong Super Simple trailer here!

You can purchase my four and a half hour Penguin LIVE Lecture at a special price!

You can book a private online lesson with me. To take a lesson, all that is necessary is an internet connection, and video software, such as FaceTime or Skype.


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