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What? Another newsletter so soon? Well, permit me to be vulnerable—finances are not great—I have three overdue bills (one of which affects my magic collection), and I am hoping that my humble videos might bring in some financial help. If the frequency of newsletters is too much, I will understand if you choose to unsubscribe.


Brand new: Buck Cull! This video teaches my cull technique, which I have honed over three decades. The video contains the performance and explanation of my cull control, along with a variation—it is about ten minutes in length. The sleight is surefire, and can be used to position a card anywhere in the deck. Optionally, multiple cards can be controlled. This sleight will require practice and dedication—once mastered, you will use it for the rest of your magical life.

I am trying an experiment with Buck Cull. You can name your own price (with a minimum of one buck—hence the name of the cull). If your finances are abundant, and you feel like being generous, you can change the price to whatever you like. Know that this will help with my storage bill (my magic collection), phone bill and food. Any help, however small, is truly appreciated. If you aren't interested in learning my cull, I have set up a donation page here in caae you are moved to help.


If you missed the last newsletter: Victorious Triumph! The video contains the performance and explanation of the routine—it is about eighteen minutes in length. The routine is 100% self-working, yet very deceptive. The effect is a classic “triumph” routine, wherein the deck is openly mixed face-up and face-down, then is magically righted with the exception of the card selected by the audience. The shuffles and triumph shuffle displays are beyond suspicion—the entire routine can be scrutinized without giving any clues to its method. Optionally, multiple cards can be selected by the audience with no extra effort for a multiple card revelation.


If you haven't seen it yet: Running Kick Cut (False)! The video contains the basic handling of the cut, and is about seventeen minutes in length. The cut appears to mix the deck, and appears to be executed casually. In reality, the cut maintains the deck in its original order. A five minute practice session at the end of the video will inspire you to practice with me. Here is a very brief demo, showing what the cut looks like.

If you have a video tutorial that you would like to have me teach, hit reply to this newsletter and let me know!


I still have a few Super Strong Super Simple DVDs available. As soon as my limited stock is sold, I will remove the page. So, if you are interested, get your copy soon! Watch the Super Strong Super Simple trailer here!

You can purchase my four and a half hour Penguin LIVE Lecture at a special price!

You can book a private online lesson here. On that page, you can watch a short video that Juan Tamariz made with me, as well as a demonstration of my camera setup. To take a lesson, all that is necessary is an internet connection, and video software, such as FaceTime or Skype. Have a look at the page, watch the videos and let me know what you think!


Jim Krenz