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I'm here to announce my Black Friday/Cyber Monday discount code—a 50% discount code usable on any of my downloads (not valid for my DVDs or Penguin Live lecture). The code is: bf2019 — you enter it on the checkout page, and 50% will be taken off of all downloads in your shopping cart. Use it by Monday, before the discount disappears on Tuesday!

Happy Thanksgiving!
Miracles Made Easy: My Victorious Triumph DVD! I've sold Victorious Triumph, my Cards Across and my brand new Victorious Assembly to Meir Yedid, who is one of the nicest magicians I have ever met! He has released these three routines on one DVD. I have limited quantities available, and the DVD includes the gimmicks that will allow you to effortlessly perform my creations. Just read these quotes:

A diabolically clever method. This Triumph will fool anyone. I love it. —Bill Malone

I can’t tell you the first time I ever saw Jim’s version of the Cards Across, but I can tell you I have used it ever since he shared it with me. It is a modern classic. —Michael Weber

I still have a few Super Strong Super Simple DVDs available. As soon as my limited stock is sold, I will remove the page. So, if you are interested, get your copy soon! Watch the Super Strong Super Simple trailer here!

You can purchase my four and a half hour Penguin LIVE Lecture at a special price!

You can book a private online lesson here. On that page, you can watch a short video that Juan Tamariz made with me, as well as a demonstration of my camera setup. To take a lesson, all that is necessary is an internet connection, and video software, such as FaceTime or Skype. Have a look at the page, watch the videos and let me know what you think!


Jim Krenz