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I'm here to announce a brand new video and a "two for one" discount on my newest two videos!

Brand new: I have a new video up! Buried Ambition is an original Ambitious Card phase that will fool the most keen eye, yet is easy to perform!

New: If you have ever wanted to learn a deceptive overhand shuffle, then you are in luck! Take a look at the Krenz Overhand False Shuffle!

Two for one discount! If you add Buried Ambition and The Krenz Overhand False Shuffle to your shopping cart, you can use the discount code: Two-Gather to save 50%! That is a buy one, get one free deal that should not be missed! Get the deal before Friday, when it expires!

My Victorious Triumph DVD! I've sold Victorious Triumph, my Cards Across and my brand new Victorious Assembly to Meir Yedid, who is one of the nicest magicians I have ever met! He has released these three routines on one DVD. I have limited quantities available, and the DVD includes the gimmicks that will allow you to effortlessly perform my creations. Just read these quotes:

A diabolically clever method. This Triumph will fool anyone. I love it. —Bill Malone

I can’t tell you the first time I ever saw Jim’s version of the Cards Across, but I can tell you I have used it ever since he shared it with me. It is a modern classic. —Michael Weber

I still have a few Super Strong Super Simple DVDs available. As soon as my limited stock is sold, I will remove the page. So, if you are interested, get your copy soon! Watch the Super Strong Super Simple trailer here!

You can purchase my four and a half hour Penguin LIVE Lecture at a special price!

You can book a private online lesson here. On that page, you can watch a short video that Juan Tamariz made with me, as well as a demonstration of my camera setup. To take a lesson, all that is necessary is an internet connection, and video software, such as FaceTime or Skype. Have a look at the page, watch the videos and let me know what you think!


Jim Krenz